The Author

Reggie Clements

Reggie Clements specializes in working with clients over 40 years of age. He brings 30 years of experience along with his multiple certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer, and a corrective exercise specialist, he also holds a Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) certification as a Certified Mobility Specialist. He developed an anti-aging training program for himself and now he shares it with all who want to enhance the quality of their life. While living and working in the Los Angeles area he has brought his anti-aging program to movie stars, movie directors, CEO’s, inventors, athletics, and many other professionals throughout the Los Angeles area. His strongest quality is his ability to use simplicity to teach complex concepts and movements. Now you can learn how to create a lifestyle which can give you the highest quality of life possible as you age by tapping into his 30 years of experience.